World's Unique Wireless Powerbank Case

Bentokai is a phone case, wallet, and charger in one. Power up your phone everywhere you go, with just a tap.

Simplify your life with Bentokai

Never forget your charger again

It’s one less thing you have to keep with you at all times.

You can’t forget to bring your charger along if it’s integrated into your case.

Stay charged day and night

Don’t change your plans to charge your phone.

Keep your phone powered up, no matter where the day takes you.

Cut out the cable clutter

With so many devices in our lives, tangled cords are taking over.

Untether yourself from cables and outlets with a wireless charger.

Bentokai Power Case’s low-profile battery is as slim as the cards you can store inside.

As Thin as a Credit Card

Bentokai Power Case is a wallet, protective case, and wireless charger in one. 

One Case to Rule Them All

Don’t reach for a cable or hunt for an outlet, just give Bentokai Power Case a tap.

Tap to Charge

Bentokai Power Bank

Supported Phones

Bentokai Power Case is compatible with iPhone 7, 8, 8 Plus, and X.

Battery Specification

A super-thin, 2500 mAh battery can give your iPhone one complete charge. Use a standard iPhone charger or a Qi wireless charger to charge Bentokai Power Case.


Tailored to fit the iPhone user experience, with full access to all buttons and ports. 

Technical Specification

Inspired by Minimalist Design

Bentokai Power Case isn’t bulky or flashy. However, its features make a statement most cases can’t. One sleek case is all you need to protect your phone, keep it charged, and store your most essential cards.

Minimalism keeps life simple, functional, and free. Pare down the number of possessions you carry daily, and increase self-sufficiency. It’s easy with Bentokai's Power Case.

What do we do for Sustainability?


Pollution from the leather industry affects millions of people.


Your Part

Purchase Bentokai Power Case.



For every 1,000 cases sold, we’re able to help one factory end pollution.


Vlad Butucariu


Nick Yap


Kaarmuhilan Kalaiyarasan

Sustainability Engineer

Martijn Ross


Team Bentokai

What Can a Minimalistic Power Case Do for You?

Bentokai Power Case is the modern, modest, multipurpose phone case with a built-in power bank. Unplug today and wirelessly charge your phone with a single tap.

Never lose power when it matters most

Stop carrying cables with you everywhere you go

Keep your charger safe at home

Never forget your power bank or cable charger again. 


The Power Case for Minimalists


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